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4 Key Things To Do To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

Remember the days when you could leave your door unlocked while you picked up some groceries or ran to the neighbor’s house?  Sadly, those days are over.  Despite all the technology our country has to offer, burglaries occur every 18 seconds or 200 times per hour, or about 4,800 every day. That’s crazy! What is even crazier is we are contributing to those statistics without even knowing. 

In this technological and social media-driven age, we love to ‘check-in’ our location letting all our friends know what new cafe we’re at or that when we are traveling. Burglars look for those status updates to scope out their next victim.  So how can we keep our home safe while we are away? 

Avoid the Social Media Bandwagon

I know this one is going to be tough to do, but waiting to post photos until you return from your travels can save your home from being a target. Not to mention it helps keep you in the moment of your trip, not having to post every second in real-time.  

Trust Thy Neighbor

If you don’t have a neighbor you trust, then choose a friend or family member you can ask to check on your house a few times while you are away. Even if it is just to water plants, they can also look to make sure all window locks and other doors are the way you left them. Something many people forget is to stop their mail if they are going on long trips. One key way for someone to know a home may be unoccupied is a mailbox stuffed to the brim. If you don’t think you’ll remember to contact your local post office, then your neighbors and friends can come in handy here again.

Log Your Belongings

Before going on any vacation, it is smart to write down somewhere the amount and location of your valuables. Moving them to a new or unexpected spot while you are away can help deter theft if your home does suffer from a break-in.  Worst case, if your home is burglarized, you now have a record of where you kept your valuables and what may be missing.

Working Security

Whether you just upgraded to the latest security system, or haven’t bothered to test it in years, make sure whatever security system you have actually worked.  Call the company and ask them if there are any other tips they can provide to ensure your home is secure while you are away.  If you’re unsure about some features, the time to test them all out is before leaving your home unoccupied. 

The point of travel or vacation is to kick back and relax.  Worrying about your home or valuables being stolen should not be overrunning your mind.  Using these tips can help ease that concern and allow you to be in the moment.  Especially if you are a first time home buyer, you may have never had to worry about prepping your house for vacation.  Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, make sure you take care of it!

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